Breguet (BREGUET): far away feelings a million years

"Even the most wise philosopher can not see the nature of time," he said. However, in a limited dimension, the learned ingenious watchmakers who firmly grasp the hours of operation, the use of extraordinary watchmaking technology, will be concentrated in the endless hours of time between the dial, across the year after year Shaoguang, the new year in this quiet to stop the time seems to be quietly. Calendar display, and Tourbillon, three asked the timekeeping function and known as the high-end tabulation of the three major complex functions. Breguet beyond the peak of this complex process, carefully crafted a collection of exquisite craftsmanship and high-end aesthetics calendar, each one can be called a unique time treasures. Sophisticated ingenious craftsmanship Breguet (Breguet) classic complex series Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795 replica watches Breguet watch for the masterpiece. Whether watchmaking or design from the point of view watch, which watch will no doubt be regarded as watchmaking industry, "advanced customization" - the level of craftsmanship is heartfelt praise. Carefully polished tourbillon against the backdrop of heavy mountain range of dial, like in the long valley to enjoy the distant mountains. Breguet watchmakers who will be unique when the time scale dial front, enhanced reading accuracy. Full of poetic Breguet hollow "month" blue steel pointer smooth across the opaque Roman numerals symbol scale circle, record the passage of time in seconds. Breguet (BREGUET): far away feelings a million years Breguet (Breguet) classic complex series Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795 replica watches uk 3795 unique complexity of the United States, without losing the details of the carefully carved. From the connection effect of the bridge is carved with lace effect, exceptionally entertaining. 6 o'clock position of the minute tourbillon and clever combination of time circle, the bridge is not only handled just right, and even set the axis of the three-pin-type small second hand. Dial 3 o'clock position for the month display, decorated with sun radiation pattern, the chassis of the "blue sun" for the leap year display. The built-in scroll cam assists in the instantaneous jump of the week display at 9 o'clock and engraved with the wave pattern. Month and week show just two symmetry, highlighting the beauty of harmony. Below the sapphire disc is decorated with Paris nail pattern dial, and has a semi-circular reverse jump display. Dial circle circle of the wave pattern is also a few minutes to add a touching charm. Sapphire crystal table cover design so that many fans see the movement of the internal structure of the table style, transparent design so that the entire Tourbillon leap in front. Nuanced ornamentation and sculpture is like giving new vitality, with a never-ending spin to tell the clever process of graceful dance. In addition to the outstanding performance of the process and design, 3795 Breguet clocks still maintain the classic features of the same strain, the case is made of rose gold or platinum, the side decorated with fine coin pattern, independent welding ear to screw bolt fixed, independent Number, stealth signature and blue steel pointer are Breguet's unique symbol. Complex excellence classic indifferent Breguet (Breguet) classic complex series Classique Grande Complication 5447 watch with its elegant posture to become the pride of the spotlight. Exquisite craftsmanship and innovative soul to create a fusion of these two complex functions of the watch. Will integrate two complex functions, the test is not only a profound accumulation of watchmakers, it is another breakthrough in brand innovation. Mr. Breguet invented the spring in 1783 remodeled the timekeeping function of the watch. Until today, Breguet is still tireless in the field of acoustics to carry out a number of research and development and research to improve the quality of voice transmission and the resonance performance of different components. Breguet (BREGUET): far away feelings a million years Breguet (Breguet) classic complex series Classique Grande Complication 5447 watch 5447 has a multi-faceted improvement in the structure of three asked timekeeping, by constantly trying new materials, and ultimately selected the material in line with the best resonance conditions, not only to ensure that this structure can create and deliver a harmonious and pleasant sound, but also to ensure sound Of the texture, richness, and in the level of purity. In the technical level, the sound spring, tuning fork to play spring box and hammer energy has been significantly enhanced. Through the testing and analysis of psychoacoustics, the harmony degree between the two gongs is improved to the greatest extent. Tuning fork layout improvements make the sound within the case to achieve the maximum translucent - the effect is like a resonance room. Breguet for the tone of the very stringent adjustment, only a very small number of talented watchmakers have engaged in this skill qualification, because the slender proportion of rolex replica spring to rely entirely on the watchmaker's excellent pitch insight and extremely skilled Of the skills to judge. While the smallest mistakes can also cause irreparable losses. Cikuan watch movement for the whole hand-engraved, dial with 6 display. At the end of the year, the pointer will follow a fan-shaped display of the month across a graceful arc, instantaneous regression in January, to continue the years of change. 1:30 moon phase profit and loss position of the show to show people the silent Xingyue legend. 6 o'clock position of the date display decorated with sun pattern, the fiery light firmly corresponding to each date. Week and leap year display were placed in the 3:30 and 8:30 position echoes. Peugeot elegant dial are all highlights the exquisite craftmans watchmakers, have to mention is that the dial hand-engraved Paris nail pattern absorbs both the light from all sides to avoid the reflection, but also makes the time and calendar display at a glance , People have to watch the watchmaker's creative admiration. Unconventional extraordinary Zhuluqunlun Breguet's pace has never stopped, although the Classique series already contains a variety of perpetual calendar watch, Breguet still decided to build Classique 3797 Tourbillon perpetual calendar watch. To ensure that the manufacturing process and innovation with the times, always stand in the high-end watch making the cutting-edge. If the 3795 compared to singular magic magician, then 3797 is more like a dancing soul dancer. Each dial of the hands are in their own exclusive regional orderly operation, common music played a love waltz. Breguet (BREGUET): far away feelings a million years Breguet Tourbillon Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3797 Watchmakers in order to avoid mutual interference between the information between the dial, the creative dial to increase the third level, with an eccentric sapphire disc as the basis, the clock and minute hand scale front, easy to read time, dial information at a glance. 6 o'clock position of a minute Tourbillon stable structure in the connection bridge, the bridge by the beautiful chamfering treatment, and set the axis of the three-pin-type small seconds. Enemies of the week and month display at 9 o'clock position and 3 o'clock position, week display dial decorated with twists and turns of the wave pattern and the sun pattern, and the month shows the dial of the sun pattern perfect interpretation of the watchmakers deep Engraving process, more ingenious is that the moon dial lurking "Blue Sun" is actually a sign indicating a leap year, small and unique, very interesting. 3797 Breguet in the retention of the classic elegance of the original series at the same time, so that hollow tourbillon display devices, against the background of a few different kind of beauty. Semi-hollow design is also commendable chic Chuangsi. Through the sapphire crystal case back, dial internal components glance, a variety of clockwork structure staggered, between the complex and harmonious to achieve a perfect unity