Tissot - Liu Yifei want to talk about you to talk about the freedom to choose to do their own freedom

"In any occasion are happy to choose to do their own freedom." - Liu Yifei From the Legend to the Condor Heroes, never eat the fireworks of Zhao Linger to Xianqi full of immortal sister, the former Liu Yifei screen shaping numerous classic and can not go beyond the role. And then behind the silver screen, she faded the brilliance of the actor aura, became independent and self-confidence of self-confidence, "the best spokesperson" to attract thousands of attention to her, any dynamic will become the focus of everyone's attention. Today, she announced on the microblogging cooperation with the Tissot watch the first TV ads, and fans to share the aspirations of the generous, take the initiative to announce the ultimate story of this elegant, and as a fan sent a holiday blessing, Once again aroused widespread concern. Liu Yifei and fans generous share of aspirations How do you choose to work and date? Between career and life, how to replica watches uk balance? Liu Yifei is also facing such a difficult choice. Two important invitations, one is a gorgeous extraordinary grand banquet, the other side is from the person who loves the name of the appointment, for a long time undecided, she wanted to talk about you to talk about: "the face of dinner and appointment Of the problem, if you do for how to choose? Liu Yifei sent a message to the rolex replica fans Enthusiastic fans actively advise, after thinking of the goddess finally gives their own answers - to find the beginning of the heart, appointment! Fans actively suggested that the goddess eventually chose to appoint Tissot and Liu Yifei cooperation in the first video advertising, Liu Yifei banquet and dating to receive two invitations, only one of the second choice, thinking for a long time after Liu Yifei decided to choose an appointment, but also expressed the "starting from the heart at the moment by me" Of the state of rolex replica watches mind. Tissot H5 in the interactive interface, the goddess Liu Yifei to become friends with you to share private thoughts, and intimate voice blessing. Not only that, she also prepared for everyone Christmas surprise. Into the goddess favorite Tissot stores to find her voice blessings left, have the opportunity to get the same goddess watches and exquisite prizes! Goddess Liu Yifei voice blessing In the hurry of life, everyone in the non-stop chasing, appreciate the get and lose. When you stop looking back, is also able to find the original sinking hot heart? If you are still confused in the choice of life before the tangled, as with the Tissot and Liu Yifei together, choose to be loyal to the want to do their own freedom of fun.